Building Plans

The plans and documentation are available to download under the following conditions.  First, we are not charging you for the plans so we must insist that you not charge anyone else for them either.  Second, they are used completely and totally at your own risk.  Many plans are revised during the design process and construction phase so what is represented here may not be the most current or the way we actually built the building.  We offer no assurance that these are appropriate or functional for your building.  We strongly recommend the use of architects and engineers in the design and construction of any building.

After all of the disclaimers above we hope these plans give you a starting foundation or at least ideas for the design of your "Green Building".

Below are the Mechanical, Architectural, Timber Frame Design, Timber Frame Stairs, and Electrical Plans.

Mechanical Plans
Architectural Plans

Timber Frame Design Plans

Timber Frame Stair Plans

Electric Plans