Cross Country Skiing

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What You Should Know

We have 50+ kilometers of wilderness ski trails open to the public during the winter season. The trails have been designed primarily by John Morton, a former  Olympian and ski coach.

  • Maps: We have large 24"x36" map kiosks at just about every ski trail intersection. Click here to view our Trail Maps page. 

  • Parking: There are 4 parking areas open during the winter season.  Click here to view the parking page for more info and Google Maps locations.

  • Phones and Cell Service: There is virtually no cell service on the property. There is a phone and emergency equipment in the Small Barn next to the Barnhouse by Cummins Pond and phones in the Tiny House in the NH RT 118 Parking Lot.

  • Grooming: We typically groom the trails prior to the weekend as long as there is sufficient snow on the ground. We may also groom during the week if nature blesses us with a snowfall. Click here for more info on trail status. 

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Small Barn

Please, be mindful of these signs throughout the property. There are several buildings and trails that are not available for public use, which are clearly marked.

Important Notices

Cross Country Skiing and entering the property at your own risk

SKIING AT YOUR OWN RISK: We are fortunate that New Hampshire has very strong laws limiting landowner liability when they allow the public to use their property. Without this release of liability most of the trails and millions of acres of private property that are used by the public for recreational purposes such as this would be closed. This is just a reminder that you enter this property “AT YOUR OWN RISK”.

You should enter this property with an understanding that skiing is a hazardous sport; bare spots, ice, changing snow, bumps, rocks, trees, moose, grooming equipment, getting lost, snowmobiles, dogs, and other hazards exist. You must recognize such dangers, whether marked or unmarked, and realize that falls and collisions are common, and injuries may result. By entering this property, you accept the hazards and dangers of injury incident thereto, including negligence and carelessness on the part of others.

We do not have trail guards or monitors and we do not perform an end of day sweep of the trails. In other words, this is wilderness property and we all have to be responsible for ourselves.


We welcome your four legged friends! However, we do ask they are well mannered with other dogs and skiers.

Please, No Motorized Vehicles, Camping, Overnight Parking of RVs, Fires, or Grilling on the Property.